10 Things To Plan After Engagement

July 30, 2010 at 4.04p07 (10 Things To Plan After Engagement)

10 Things To Plan After Engagement:

FROM the minute you’re engaged to the wedding moment, any bride or bridegroom-to-be will face the daunting task of planning for that big day.

Needless to say, you’ll want the wedding to be perfect and, most importantly, the brides will want to look beautiful on this special day.


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Wedding Foods

July 29, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)


Malay foods:

They served three varieties of rice at the wedding; plain white rice, nasi minyak (Malay for scented rice) and nasi briyani (Malay for rice with spices). Traditionally nasi minyak is always served at Malay weddings. The rice is cooked with butter, ginger, coconut milk and spices. The nasi briyani has saffron and spices that makes it slightly yellowish and full of flavour.

nasi minyak/nasi briyani

The food was served buffet style so everyone can help themselves to what they want. They had this special Daging Kerbau Gulai Ah Tok, which is buffalo meat cooked in this Kelantanese style curry.

gulai daging

This is beef rendang, a must have in Malay weddings which was yummy. I always pick out the gravy to eat with my rice rather than the beef cubes. According to the caterer, this rendang was cooked using the Minangkabau style. Not sure what’s the difference from the normal ones but it was a lot more creamier than the usual rendangs we get at the Malay stalls.

rendang daging/ayam

This is some cooked pumpkin which was not too great as there was not much flavor to it.

One of my favourites.Pajeri Nenas which is pineapple cooked in a thick and sweet kerisik flavoured sauce.Kerisik refers to toasted grated coconut that is used in most Malay dishes.

This is the Ayam Masak Merah, another typical Malay dish where the chicken is cooked in a spicy red tomato sauce. Another must have in weddings.

These were the condiments they served, the achar which are pickled vegetables and the yummy sambal belachan which was nice and spicy.


yummy sambal

They also served some mixed vegetables that consists of sliced cucumbers, pineapples and onions tossed in vinegar.

mixed of vegetables


Chinese foods:

Here are several symbolic Chinese foods:

1. Eggs

Eggs hold a special symbolic significance in many cultures, and China is no exception. The Chinese believe eggs symbolize fertility. After a baby is born, parents may hold a “red egg and ginger party,” where they pass out hard boiled eggs to announce the birth. (In some regions of China the number of eggs presented depends on the sex of the child: an even number for a girl, and an odd number if a boy has been born).

2. Noodles

Noodles are a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. They are as much a part of a Chinese birthday celebration as a birthday cake with lit candles is in many countries. Since noodles do symbolize long life, it is considered very unlucky to cut up a strand.

3. Fish

Although westerners sometimes balk at the sight of a entire fish lying on a plate, in China a fish served whole is a symbol of prosperity. In fact, at a banquet it is customary to serve the whole fish last, pointed toward the guest of honor. Fish also has symbolic significance because the Chinese word for fish, yu, sounds like the word for riches or abundance, and it is believed that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come.

4. Duck

If you are ever invited to a Chinese wedding banquet, don’t be surprised to spot a mouthwatering platter of Peking duck on the banquet table. Ducks represent fidelity in Chinese culture. Also, red dishes are featured at weddings as red is the color of happiness. (You’ll find them served at New Year’s banquets for the same reason.)

5. Chicken

In Chinese culture, chicken forms part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix. At a Chinese wedding, chicken’s feet (sometimes referred to as phoenix feet) are often served with dragon foods such as lobster. Chicken is also popular at Chinese New Year, symbolizing a good marriage and the coming together of families (serving the bird whole emphasizes family unity).

6. Seeds (lotus seeds, watermelon seeds, etc)

Visit an Asian bakery during the Chinese New Year, and you’re likely to find a wide assortment of snacks with different types of seeds in them. The seed-filled treats represent bearing many children in Chinese culture.

7. Fruit – Tangerines, Oranges and Pomelos

Tangerines and oranges are passed out freely during Chinese New Year as the words for tangerine and orange sound like luck and wealth, respectively. As for pomelos, this large ancestor of the grapefruit signifies abundance, as the Chinese word for pomelo sounds like the word for “to have.”

8. Cake

And what about the sweet, steamed cakes that are so popular during the Chinese New Year season? Cakes such as Sticky Rice Cake have symbolic significance on many levels. Their sweetness symbolizes a rich, sweet life, while the layers symbolize rising abundance for the coming year. Finally, the round shape signifies family reunion.

9. Don’t Forget the Vegetables!

Chinese garlic chives symbolize eternity, while cone-shaped winter bamboo shoots are a symbol of wealth.

“Do not dismiss the dish saying that it is just, simply food. The blessed thing is an entire civilization in itself.” (Abdulhak Sinasi )


abalon n patchoi

chinese foods

Indian foods:

Apart from their lavish décor and pomp celebrations, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous food. Any wedding is considered incomplete withoutdelicious food. In India, the arrangement of the wedding day food is done by the parents of the bride. Though the menu is decided according to their wish, at times the approval of the groom’s family is also taken. The groom’s family is given prime importance in any wedding alliance and therefore, the preparation of the food is prepared in the best possible manner, in order to please them.

Traditionally, the food for the wedding was cooked by skilled cooks. Nowadays, people’s preferences are changing and quite a number of them opt for catering services. However, one should make this decision wisely. In case of catering services, the first thing to do is to decide your menu. The menu is decided keeping in mind your budget. Remember the idea is to choose a good caterer, who provides you with food of your choice within your budget. After you choose the caterer, all the arrangements are done by them.

The Indian wedding feast usually commences with appetizers, which are served before the main meal is served. The appetizers are usually both vegetarian and non vegetarian to cater to all guest. It can comprise of traditional starter meals of the specific region the couple belongs to. In some regional weddings, drinks are also served. At times, there are even separate counters or stalls for beverages. The drinks which are usually served comprise of soft drinks, mocktails, wine, whiskey, etc.
This is followed by the main course meal. The main course meal usually contains four to five vegetable dishes, different types of daals, pulao and breads. This is complimented with various salads and other condiments. The main course meal is strictly in accordance with the culture and region of the couple. It also comprises of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The meal is the heaviest and grandest of all and showcases the best delicacies of any cuisine.

After the primary meal is over, the guests are treated with desserts. Desserts are sweet items, which are served to ease the spicy and tingling taste of the meal. The sweet section comprises of traditional items depending upon the ethnicity of the families. However, the seasonal sweets and ice creams are always given preference. This is because they are liked by all owing to their universal popularity and appeal. Subsequently, the Indian wedding feast comes to an end with Paan or‘Vida’. This is prepared by stuffing a betel leaf with betel nuts, spices and sugar, according to taste.


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Flower Arrangment

July 29, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)


Shades of pink.A great theme of pink and apple green bridal bouquet.

Tropical Orchids and all-year round Lilies can be very unique for your wedding.

Carnations express love and fascination. Go for purple and white combination.amazingly beautiful.

White, Timeless Beauty.

A truly inspiring bouquet. Cymbidium orchids in cheers.

The classic RED will never go out of fashion. Look at this vibrant pink hydrangea with red roses, extremely beautiful!! The color combination is superb.( A contemporary hand-tied bouquet for the modern bride)

Pinkish white and purple theme are the perfect color to go with, either for the morning ceremony or reception at night. To accent the flowers, you may give some shimmering effect by wearing silver accessories. An example of the fairy tale, fantasy-like wedding theme.



A special wedding or special events deserves and needs to be a bit more extravagant.Let fresh flower or bouganvilla décor brings good impression and leave a long lasting memory on your special day.Flower arrangement for centre piece,bouquet,boutonnier,table and chair cover,sashes,backdrop,spot light for your special day.


centre piece

centre piece




cover chair

flower decor

sashes decoration

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Wedding Decoration(pelamin)Dais and Sprinkle

July 27, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)

Wedding decoration(pelamin)dais and sprinkle

Malay decoration:

Simplistic elegance is the word that describes weddings today. Classic gowns, opulent fabrics, sophisticated floral designs and an intimate wedding environment are keys to creating that elegant moment.

And the best weddings are the ones that evoke the most emotion from you and your guests, reflecting your individual lifestyle and personalities.

wedding dais is usually grandly designed and gaily decorated, to create some symbolism of a king and queen sitting in state. As you know, Malays call the bride and groom or the wedded couple as “Raja Sehari” or “Royals for the day”. They are therefore treated as such on their wedding day. And royal colors like yellow and tints of yellow are appropriately used during weddings to bring out the ambiance.

The structure for the pelamin is mostly made of wood (planks) and covered with carpets or colored cloth and other decorations. The cost for the construction will depend on the elaborateness of the decorations and the variety of items used.

Skilled decorators are sought to create a wonderful theme for the wedding. To achieve the desired effect, the pelamin is usually made at least three to five days beforehand. This is to be in time for other decorations to be made in the hall or house compound to create a wonderful wedding atmosphere.

Of course, nowadays, especially in the towns, there are ready-made and packaged pelamin designs with the accompaniments like seats, cushions, etc., that can be assembled and fixed up quickly.

Fragrant and beautiful flowers and floral arrangements always add to the liveliness and beauty of a place. And you can be sure that floral arrangements are part of the decorations for a pelamin.

And usually, you will also find a pot or vase of “bunga telur” also on both sides at the front of the dais.


Chinese decoration:

The two families decorates the bridal house and the reception site for the upcoming wedding ceremony.   Lots of lively colors, red in particular, is used in Chinese wedding decoration.  Red banners used for wedding is called “happiness banners“, which is an essential part of the wedding decorations.  It’s decorated on both sides of the doors of the newlywed’s home and the reception site.  The Chinese writing on the banners are rhythmic poem praising the adorable couple and the perfect marriage.

Papercut of Double Happiness, dragon and phoenix are widely used at Chinese wedding.


Double Happiness

  1. Traditionally, the families of both the groom and bride participate in decorating the couple’s house and the wedding site. The Chinese character for “double happiness” is imperative at a wedding. It is the character for happy that has been doubled, placed side by side and joined together. The character is usually drawn on—or cut from—a piece of red paper and is placed where the young couple can gaze at it during the wedding. It is common for the double happiness sign to be seen multiple times in every room of the newlyweds’ house to bring them good fortune during their marriage.

The Color Red

  1. The color red is used everywhere during weddings. It is the color of the banners, the lanterns, the double happiness signs, and the bride’s wedding dress. In more traditional Chinese weddings, red candles are burned and the bride wears a red scarf on her head. Red symbolizes happiness and good luck in Chinese culture, since it is associated with the sun, life and fire. The Han Chinese also believe that red will ward off evil spirits.

Wedding Banners

  1. Red banners are hung on both sides of the doors to the reception site and the couple’s home. The banners are decorated with rhythmic poems in Chinese calligraphy that celebrate the union of two people and honor their marriage.

Phoenix and Dragon

  1. Depictions and centerpieces of a phoenix and dragon together are a common sight at Chinese weddings. It is a yin-and-yang metaphor, with the dragon referring to the groom or male half, and the phoenix referring to the bride or female half. Together they represent the unity of two halves to make a complete whole and symbolize happiness in the couple’s new life together.

Read more: Best Way – Chinese Wedding Decorations | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5245824_chinese-wedding-decorations.html#ixzz0umKXIZSV

For other decorations, red ribbons, centerpieces constructed of red flowers, red linens for the tables and other bold, joyful pieces are essential to a Chinese wedding ceremony and celebration and add to the joyous occasion of the day.

Indian decoration:

Traditional Hindu weddings are grand affair. It normally takes place over several days with elaborate ceremonies, which lasts up to one week. Indian wedding function is divided in to three sections pre wedding functions, main day functions and post wedding functions. These functions include the entire family, friends and relatives in the celebration and involve many costume changes. The bride and groom are treated royally for the days preceding the wedding and are showered with gifts and attention. The main day ceremony is nothing less than a fairytale. On the day of the wedding the groom mounts a grandly decorated horse and rides to the wedding ceremony accompanied by his family and friends. Nowadays the grooms mostly travel by decorated car. The bride on the other hand is dressed in traditionally attire, which is normally a pink or a red sari with heavy zari work and embroidery on her wedding day and sparkling jewelry given to her by family and friends.

Types of Hindu Wedding Decorations:

·         Sagan Decorations

·         Engagement Decorations

·         Mahendi Decoration

·         Mandap Decoration

·         Sangeet Decoration

·         Car Decoration

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Theme of Wedding styles

July 27, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)


A unique theme provides easy ways to personalize your wedding day like nothing else. Whether your theme is seasonal or revolves around color, we have put together a collection of wedding invitations, accessories and favors to pull your themed wedding together.

In finding the perfect theme for a wedding, the couple should discuss all aspects with each other. They have to figure out what they really want. In addition, when they do know what they want already, they can then turn to their wedding planners. These planners can then incorporate the preferences of the couple into the wedding package that they are preparing. If the couple prefers to prepare their wedding themselves, this can also be arranged. With a little push and shove from the Internet, you can find various themes that you can use for your wedding.


Wedding Color Trends for 2010:

Ivory-Nothing creates a more heavenly atmosphere than classic white and ivory. For 2010, wedding colors, try shades of ivory with accents of gold and crystals to create a truly elegant and glamorous monochromatic theme. Colors to consider are ivory, white, cream,   ecru, eggshell, and gold.

Purple-Purple is still a popular wedding color for 2010. Classic and regal, purple color schemes  allow for a lot of versatility to work in various seasons and styles, depending on the shades you choose. Some colors to consider for your theme are vintage violet, amethyst,       wisteria, lilac, orchid, mauve, and gray as a neutral to balance it all out.

Coral-Coral is one of the top wedding colors for 2010, especially for spring weddings. The color combination possibilities are endless as you can explore complimentary bold shades to    work with coral, or stick with analogous monochromatic hues. Here is one refreshing color theme to consider: coral, yellow, and taupe.


garden reception, garden wedding,Equatorial Bangi Putrajaya:

Among the many newer venues, it is easy to understand why the Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya has become highly popular for couples to celebrate their union. Besides its pillarless grand ballroom, the simple and classic interior but with a hint of ageless opulence, becomes a perfect setting for a ceremony befitting the king and queen of the day.

Located on a beautifully landscaped hilltop, it is an ideal venue for a garden wedding as well. The hotel is more than equipped to provide the setting you want for a garden fairytale wedding as it has stunning views of the sunset, where the evening twilight reflects gently off the koi pond and swimming pool nearby.

Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya has the experience to complete your ‘I Do’ ceremonies with style, grandeur and romance through whatever themes you choose, done by them or by your own planner. Rest assured your wedding wishes are their command.

Your magical moments will be created and enhanced through the concepts you choose no matter how modern they are. The hotel is also outfitted to incorporate traditional wedding elements, generally to please the parents as well.

The hotel is well aware that the success of the wedding rests on the food and décor. The extensive menu offered – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western and International – speaks volumes of its catering capabilities.

A wedding celebration at Hotel Equatorial Bangi-Putrajaya promises to be a memorable event for the couple and their guests, as the hotel provides all relevant services, giving you peace of mind and confidence. After all, the wedding is amplified by the simple dictum: “It’s all about the couple.”

garden weddingwedding ceremony,Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa

The lush emerald lawn and fresh air at the Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa in Cyberjaya makes for a perfect garden wedding setting. The beautifully manicured grounds called the APEC Garden, dotted with colourful blooms, offers an alluring backdrop for a pre-wedding dinner cocktail or a wedding ceremony.

Cyberview Lodge has been the preferred venue for many couples to have their wedding. The resort & spa receives an average of 70 wedding parties a year; evidence of their expertise in hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Cindai Ballroom, with a seating capacity of 410 in banquet style and lofty ceilings, is an ideal location to host your wedding reception, overlooking the picturesque gardens. And with the experienced team at Cyberview Lodge, both the garden and the ballroom will be transformed into elegant settings that befits your status of being ‘Raja Sehari’ (King and Queen for the Day).

Their auxiliary services such as the luxurious resort chalet accommodation and Sembunyi Spa treatments will entice you to stay on after your wedding. You might just want to celebrate your newly wedded status and carry on with your honeymoon right where you got married.

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Wedding Cakes

July 27, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)


many different designs, types, colours, flavors, designer, prices and shapes of wedding cakes to choose from. The wedding cakes are available in different sizes, shapes and flavors.

One of the best parts of any wedding is definitely the cake. The wedding cake is an important part of the reception and symbolizes so much more than just a tasty dessert.



Examples of wedding cakes are:

  • From classic to modern, round wedding cakes are the most traditional style of wedding cake.

  • Chic and sophisticated, a square wedding cake is perfect for a bold and elegant affair.

  • For a unique twist, try a multi-shaped wedding cake for visual appeal and an eclectic touch.


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Dowry(hantaran) or Present for Wedding

July 22, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Dowry(hantaran)or Present For Wedding)

Malay wedding:

In traditional Malay wedding, besides the date, dowry and sending money, the matter is the subject of discussion is the delivery of goods.  Better delivery of goods as a gift mean to the couple, was also determined to bring the two parties whether one wear or stop one. Then the total number, this is a unique marriage of Malay society.

Custom of sending a response-response is symbolic of the signs of love that both partners.  Currently, shipments also have the concept and the color is determined by the newlyweds.  modern concept, the UK, traditionally the favorite.  While colors such as silver, gold, turquoise, apple green, red to look alike but unique, the color black was chosen.

Woven baskets are coated with apple green crepe paper ignored the ribbon ties and twigs of gold, silver and cheer again sending placed fruits, cosmetics, handbags, watches and perfumes.

As for the likes of silver, yellow, gold and turquoise, a combination game of ribbon and flowers will increase the delivery of the series and it is seen more exclusive.

Meanwhile, the current trend is to use fresh flowers of male to female, while of women to men using artificial flowers.

According to traditions or customs of the Malay, is the betel trellis  mandatory in every wedding or marriage.  Besides being shine and complementary functions, it also means implicitly that  parcel of married life represents between husband and wife. I This is because the life of every married couple can not ‘escape’ from the grief and sorrow.  Similarly, the trellis is composed of betel leaf and betel mixture of several other substances which, if it is in the eating, be occurred taste sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

As mentioned above, there are other materials commonly included in the composite trellis betel.  Let us see what is the meaning behind the materials used are:

Betel leaves – which means his character, courage, despair is not easy and low.

Gambir:reflect a strong heart

kapor:to taste salty, bitter and hot if eaten with betel leaves.  It means heart, but can be rebellious when challenged

Pinang –  represents a good seed and a heart of gold

Tobacco – which means a strong and willing to sacrifice in any case

Clove – a spicy flavor to a person who holds strong on principle

If you want to compose himself betel trellis, you should choose fresh betel leaves and various sizes – at least 13 pieces. Then the betel leaves are arranged and shaped to suit maker. Once completed, the other ingredients such as nuts, Clove, clove and lime will be placed in the slit-gap arrangement of betel leaves. Besides that, the use of fresh flowers such as chrysanthemum flowers and roses also plays a role in placed in between the folds of betel leaf. Sebagai  As a ‘final touch, you can sprinkle a little water and oil as the aroma of roses to raise betel trellis.

According to Malay tradition, betel trellis from the groom to be slightly higher than the bride.  This is to show the role or responsibility of the man as head of the family.  Compared to the time of mak-mak us a bit, betel trellis is often composed of high trees.  But along with the times, betel trellis has composed a variety of modern buildings such as mosques or adjusted in accordance with the concept of delivery.

Decorate of betel trellis

Whatsoever nature, composition betel trellis will be the ruler of all shipments and complementary to a wedding.  So, next time, if you have children you are asking about the virgin betel trellis about this, do not forget to tell all interests and purposes of betel to them, right?  I hope they will continue to bring this beautiful Malay heritage until the end of time.


Examples of present(hantaran):

combination of color red,white and black.

Many varieties of presents(hantaran) in malay wedding such as shoes,handbag,make up,perfume,hanphone,decorated of sirih junjung,cake,ring set and others.

Deliver the chinese dowry 送嫁

The chinese dowry may be delivered with the return gifts on the day of betrothal or delivered a few days before the wedding.

Some people have the impression that chinese weddings are expensive affair for the groom’s parents since they have to pay for the betrothal gifts, bride price and wedding banquet.

However, it may not be so, as the bride’s parents also have a long long list of items to prepare for the bride’s dowry and may also co-pay for the wedding banquet.

The dowry typically include personal items for the bride and household or electrical appliances for the couple’s new home, such as

  • tea set,
  • beddings,
  • bedroom furniture and bathroom items,
  • set of washbasins and buckets called “子孙桶”,
  • electrical household appliances,
  • clothing,
  • gold jewellery, etc.

Indian Wedding:

Dowry or dahej (presents) is the payment in cash or and kind by the bride’s family along with the giving away of the bride (called kanyaadan) in Indian marriage,kanyadanam is important part of hindu maritalrites.Kanya means daughter,dana means gift.


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Malaysian Celebrity Wedding.

July 22, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Malaysian Celebrity Wedding)

Best Marriage:

Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza and businessman Khalid Mohamed Jiwa  on their wedding ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, 28 August 2006.


SINGER Mawi’s wedding reception at the Palace of the Golden Horses was like a scene from the 1,001 Arabian Nights as fire-eaters, hula dancers and snake women welcomed the event’s 1,200 guests to the exotically lavish Middle Eastern setting.

Rumours swirled that Mawi was paid RM5.5mil by Astro for exclusive coverage rights, the catering bill was half a million ringgit, the staging of the event alone was RM700,000 and Ekin’s make-up artist was the same used by the Sultan of Brunei’s wife.

Most guests paid serious attention to the stipulations on the invitation card.


Actress Diana Rafar

Erra Fazira.Film Actress.Her long dress is so elegant without over detailing


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Hair Wedding Accessory

July 22, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Theme of Wedding Styles)

Hair Accessory:

The veil is very much a significant part of every bride’s total outfit ensemble for the wedding day. So too are hair accessories that hold the veil in place or sometimes even replace the veil as the hair adornment of choice.

Flowers, pearls and crystals make up this accessory
Photo courtesy of Down The Aisle

Photo courtesy of Down The Aisle

In most instances, brides-to-be can make use of the hair accessories provided by the makeup and hairstylist. However, many are now also opting to purchase tiaras, pins and the like, as after the wedding, these accessories become sentimental keepsakes as well as heirlooms for future generations. Other than the makeup and hair stylists, couples can also visit specialty and department stores that stock a range of such items. Of late, small scale artisans have also taken to designing and locally producing hair accessories using imported raw materials.

Photos courtesy of Down The Aisle

A couple of tips :

  • Your choice of hair accessory should match and complement your bridal gown. An intricate tiara may be suited to a simpler gown whereas an elaborate gown is best enhanced by a simpler headpiece.
  • Request that your hairstylist perform a trial hairdo using the accessory you have selected to see the effect.
  • Some pieces will be more costly than others. Most importantly, ensure that you do not compromise on quality as it is after all one of the biggest days of your life.


Pretty pins
Photos courtesy of Down The Aisle

For Indian communityToday’s Indian brides are very much conscious about their looks. They want a balanced look with proper hairstyle, make-up and dress. At the same time they also don’t want something overdone. Nowadays different kinds of hairstyles are done in the beauty salons. Depending on the personality, height, face structure you can select a particular hairstyle for you. IndianWedding.com presents the largest collection for hair accessories for your special day.

One of the main hair accessories that Indian brides go for comprises of flowers. In fact, in many of the cultures, adorning hair with flowers is a compulsion for the bride. Apart from that, you can go for other accessories as well, such as pins with little roses made on them or with a glitzy ball as the head. It will surely help add to the overall bridal look.


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July 22, 2010 at 4.04p07 (Marriage)


Marriage is a binding relationship between two people who are recognized by civil authority and / or bound by a belief in the religion of the participants.  The nature of this pair, that contract law and the promise of decency bound, resulting in a marriage is deemed difficult.

In one form or another, marriage is found in almost every community. The oldest records that refer to marriage say that marriage is a custom sound.


Types of marriage:

  • Polygamy is marriage a man and women. It is practiced by almost all nations of the world.  They practice polygamy without limits and bounds.China For instance, the religion of the country of China that allows marriage to 130 wives. Yahudi On the tenets of the Jewish , polygamy is allowed without limit and according to Islam, polygamy is allowed up to four wives with certain conditions.
  • Poliandri Polyandry is marriage occurs between a woman with several men (the inverse of the concept of polygamy). TibetIndiaArab Marriage is very rare except in Tibet , those hills in India and communities pagan Arabs .For example, when people Juansuwaris older brother married a woman, she became the wife for all his brothers.[ This practice is referred to the book Mahabhrata.
  • Monogamous marriage is the only way that a marriage between a man and a woman only. KristianSome religions such as Christianity adopted this type of marriage consider marriage as between a man and a woman is for all time. Katolik Because divorce is not recognized at all (as sect Catholic ).


Malay Marriage

Chinese Marriage

Indian Wedding

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