Taboos or Prohibited for BabaNyonya Marriage

August 25, 2010 at 4.04p08 (Uncategorized)


Having grown up with a Nyonya or Peranakan grandmother, there’s a lot of taboos and prohibited that you have to follow since young. The taboos list ranges from the daily life activities up to special occasions. Let me share with you some of the taboos

  • Pregnant women are prohibited to touch the items (gift, stuffs, wedding beds etc) or join in the preparations for the marriage ceremony. They are also strongly prohibited from entering the wedding chamber.
  • If you have just given birth and have not celebrated the baby’s full moon, the mother and baby are not allowed to join in the marriage celebration or should I say they are not allowed to step in the front door of the groom and bride to be’s house! Even the family members staying in the same house are not welcomed as they are also deemed as “not cleansed“ yet until the baby’s “Full Moon“ celebration.
  • Family members who are still mourning the passing away of their family member are also not allowed to join the baba nyonya Marriage ceremony as it was deemed very inauspicious to the marriage couple.

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