A Chinese wedding.

Chinese Wedding:

Marriage in Chinese society is one point that substantial changes in their lives. Marriage is important to maintain the institutions of family and ancestors through descendants can continue from one generation to another generation. In Chinese society, a marriage is planned and managed better. According to their beliefs as well as couples who marry without following the customary rules are considered invalid.

There are two forms of marriage practiced by those of explicit that marriage is arranged either by parents or the middle(moi-ngin)and implied that a marriage in which both men and women are given the freedom to choose their partner.Basically the Chinese customs include merisik level,engagement and wedding.



Part of Chinese wedding:

  • Merisik

Traditional merisik carried out to find girls who love the background. Chinese society is too concerned about the name, ethnicity, personality, character and behavior of the girl. These features are important to creating a lasting marriage. Merisik way up to the parents because the parents are usually the man will ask contacts and friends who knew the family of the girl. Some Chinese people prefer to hold these discussions in the restaurants with the participation of other relatives. The tradition of eating together is very important in Chinese society because it can strengthen the relationship between both families. Discussions during merisik is about public matters, especially about family background and roots.

  • Woo(meminang)

Once both parties are satisfied with the background of their family tradition of engagement will be conducted. An elected representative to visit the homes of the girls to discuss matters relating to marriage.  Bridal mother of the bride, will discuss with the representative of the amount of dowry, the provisions of the dinner table and select the most appropriate day. The men will not bargain as concerned about degrading.  Any resolution which has been agreed, told the parents of the boys. Parents of the boys will talk to him to provide the request of the woman . After both parties have mutually recognize and agree to marry, then engaged customary place

  • Engagement:

Today the engagement was based on the Chinese calendar, and it shall be in accordance with the second pair of the parent stars. Service artisans tilik used for setting the date based on a book that is Toong-Su. This is important because if done at the appropriate time is not believed to be involved in the disaster and the marriage will got failure. At this time the groom would come to her house to meet demand.  Exchange ring ceremony performed by the stipulated time. disarung ring on left ring finger by both the prospective bride until the wedding. For the proof agreement, she will submit a piece of red paper or written nyen-eyed maiden name, age and date of birth obtained from tilik fortune. Having received nyen-sang, the men will hold preparation. Nyen-eyed girl belonging to the artisans who will be tilik with the same information about themselves.Tailor tilik will calculate the appropriate day and time on both nyen-sang and recorded on a piece of red paper called nyik-corps. When determining the appropriate day, fortune tilik make predictions based on the birth of the couple. After a suitable date and time, fortune will provide two pieces tilik nyik-corps and given to men and women to be married. Nyik-corps consists of the rules and customs to be followed by the prospective bride and groom covers certain traditions.

In Chinese wedding, Posts and dowry is usually given during the ceremony or wedding ring exchange on the day, such as wedding ceremonies held at the Registry of Marriages.Post and dowry(hantaran) is a ring of gold, one  clothing, cloth and cash. If the person does not provide adequate delivery of goods to the bride, a large amount of cash will be given. Along with the delivery of dowry, bride’s family was told the date of marriage and the negotiations will be with the bride. In Chinese society, the bigger the dowry is given, the higher the prestige and position of the man.

  • Wedding day:

Wedding day will be held once a year is engaged or the period agreed by both parties. Before the wedding day arrives when there is death in the family to be the bride, the marriage must be postponed in the next year or a hundred days. It is not good hold weddings when people are mourning grief. On the wedding day the bride and men decorated. The Chinese community in the past bridal wear made of silk and gold thread. Then, each decorated with a variety of clothing accessories. Best wedding clothes are white, red or yellow. It is forbidden to wear black, blue and gray as the color is believed to symbolize death and sorrow.

  • Marriage in Chinese society:

Next the groom will be going to the home of the bride and bridegroom at the time that men and women will sit together for the first time. They will be accompanied by their escort There are bride and groom will be seated on the bed provided in the lounge. After the wedding events, wedding couples will be taken to meet their family members. The groom will introduce the family and to his family and relatives sauadara is vice versa as well as the bride and groom will also seek blessings from their family law. In the Chinese community, drinking tea ceremony is very important and is still practiced. It is a traditional Chinese society with its own purpose.  This custom symbolizes acceptance, especially the newlyweds husband and wife in the family as well as aim to strengthen family relationships.  In this ceremony bride and groom will have tea provided to relatives of the men.  However, traditional wedding and tea ceremony has been practiced by the Chinese community about this.

The highlight is the Chinese wedding ceremony in the evening of the dinner. Dinner was held on a large scale, whether at home, hall, or restaurant.Guests who came to bring ang-pouch as a gift to the newlyweds. At the same time the bride will try to identify and catch up with family members of both parties. Finally, as evidence of marriage, the newlyweds will sign the marriage of two letters Foon Ching Su Keat in front of several witnesses. On this day the Chinese community about traditional marriage customs practiced otherwise perform the civil marriage in the marriage register at the church, especially among those who are Christians.



Photo session with parent,relatives,friends,guests and other members:


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