A Indian Wedding.

Indian wedding.

Indian wedding is thought to be the bringing of two people who are said to be compatible.The indian attach a lot of importance to marriages and the ceremonies are very colourful and extend for several days.

Indian wedding rituals:

  • Thirumanan

Thirumanan means through mergers or sacred marriage bond between husband and wife will remain until the end of life. There are three types of marriage in Indian society, namely Vaitikat Thairumanam, Tamil Thairumanam and Diya Thairumanam which the marriage isconducted based on aspects of ethnic groups

Wedding ceremony started with niccayam (bind promise) by giving gifts such as clothing and other. Invitation card applied with turmeric water brought to the temple in the odd number as a sign of official wedding invitation.

  • kanggenam

Kanggenam ceremony which is planting a tree that is straight and was applied with turmeric powder three days before the marriage. The groom is not allowed out for three days before the marriage. Marriage ceremony is performed by the Pedanda. Pedanda will scatter nine types of grains after the event wearing the ring. The groom will garlanding thaali made from yarn and is applied with turmeric. Both brides will give honor to their parents and change the tray filled with fruits and sweeping the dust on the bride forehead.

Among the custom made to respect and receive blessings include the gift of a piece of coconut with hole at the top, pour milk into it, giving betel, kissing the feet of parents (parents washing feet), giving gifts which are dhoti (father-in-law), essence (mother-in-law) and money. Typically bridal couple will exchange garlands three times and share the banana drink milk mixed. This ceremony marks the pair officially became husband and wife. Several important factors taken before the marriage ceremony held is to find happiness in life, including as a good time to married, meaning of thaali, valatu Kal, giving sweets, gifts, tribute to the groom, a symbol of banana trees, wedding banquet and open the wedding camp.

In Indian wedding,have 3 main rituals like prior to marriage,during marriage festivities and at their new home.


Types of main rituals in Indian Wedding:

kolem /khumbem.

alipu(berarak lampu)

minji(put a ring to bride)

( pal)put milk on bride feet

minji(put a ring to groom)

pal(put milk on feet groom)

akad nikah rituals

for a sake of god

pal-abisygem(clean the feet of bride parent)

Exchanging malei flower

phavitirem(put the leaf ring to bride as a ritual)

poree(bakar ramuan)

wearing a necklace from thread

vaalem varuthel

  • Example of video indian wedding rituals:

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