Dowry(hantaran) or Present for Wedding

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Malay wedding:

In traditional Malay wedding, besides the date, dowry and sending money, the matter is the subject of discussion is the delivery of goods.  Better delivery of goods as a gift mean to the couple, was also determined to bring the two parties whether one wear or stop one. Then the total number, this is a unique marriage of Malay society.

Custom of sending a response-response is symbolic of the signs of love that both partners.  Currently, shipments also have the concept and the color is determined by the newlyweds.  modern concept, the UK, traditionally the favorite.  While colors such as silver, gold, turquoise, apple green, red to look alike but unique, the color black was chosen.

Woven baskets are coated with apple green crepe paper ignored the ribbon ties and twigs of gold, silver and cheer again sending placed fruits, cosmetics, handbags, watches and perfumes.

As for the likes of silver, yellow, gold and turquoise, a combination game of ribbon and flowers will increase the delivery of the series and it is seen more exclusive.

Meanwhile, the current trend is to use fresh flowers of male to female, while of women to men using artificial flowers.

According to traditions or customs of the Malay, is the betel trellis  mandatory in every wedding or marriage.  Besides being shine and complementary functions, it also means implicitly that  parcel of married life represents between husband and wife. I This is because the life of every married couple can not ‘escape’ from the grief and sorrow.  Similarly, the trellis is composed of betel leaf and betel mixture of several other substances which, if it is in the eating, be occurred taste sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

As mentioned above, there are other materials commonly included in the composite trellis betel.  Let us see what is the meaning behind the materials used are:

Betel leaves – which means his character, courage, despair is not easy and low.

Gambir:reflect a strong heart

kapor:to taste salty, bitter and hot if eaten with betel leaves.  It means heart, but can be rebellious when challenged

Pinang –  represents a good seed and a heart of gold

Tobacco – which means a strong and willing to sacrifice in any case

Clove – a spicy flavor to a person who holds strong on principle

If you want to compose himself betel trellis, you should choose fresh betel leaves and various sizes – at least 13 pieces. Then the betel leaves are arranged and shaped to suit maker. Once completed, the other ingredients such as nuts, Clove, clove and lime will be placed in the slit-gap arrangement of betel leaves. Besides that, the use of fresh flowers such as chrysanthemum flowers and roses also plays a role in placed in between the folds of betel leaf. Sebagai  As a ‘final touch, you can sprinkle a little water and oil as the aroma of roses to raise betel trellis.

According to Malay tradition, betel trellis from the groom to be slightly higher than the bride.  This is to show the role or responsibility of the man as head of the family.  Compared to the time of mak-mak us a bit, betel trellis is often composed of high trees.  But along with the times, betel trellis has composed a variety of modern buildings such as mosques or adjusted in accordance with the concept of delivery.

Decorate of betel trellis

Whatsoever nature, composition betel trellis will be the ruler of all shipments and complementary to a wedding.  So, next time, if you have children you are asking about the virgin betel trellis about this, do not forget to tell all interests and purposes of betel to them, right?  I hope they will continue to bring this beautiful Malay heritage until the end of time.


Examples of present(hantaran):

combination of color red,white and black.

Many varieties of presents(hantaran) in malay wedding such as shoes,handbag,make up,perfume,hanphone,decorated of sirih junjung,cake,ring set and others.

Deliver the chinese dowry 送嫁

The chinese dowry may be delivered with the return gifts on the day of betrothal or delivered a few days before the wedding.

Some people have the impression that chinese weddings are expensive affair for the groom’s parents since they have to pay for the betrothal gifts, bride price and wedding banquet.

However, it may not be so, as the bride’s parents also have a long long list of items to prepare for the bride’s dowry and may also co-pay for the wedding banquet.

The dowry typically include personal items for the bride and household or electrical appliances for the couple’s new home, such as

  • tea set,
  • beddings,
  • bedroom furniture and bathroom items,
  • set of washbasins and buckets called “子孙桶”,
  • electrical household appliances,
  • clothing,
  • gold jewellery, etc.

Indian Wedding:

Dowry or dahej (presents) is the payment in cash or and kind by the bride’s family along with the giving away of the bride (called kanyaadan) in Indian marriage,kanyadanam is important part of hindu maritalrites.Kanya means daughter,dana means gift.

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