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When two lovers decided to get married, they would start to plan and make lots of decisions in order to make their wedding.however,The

relationship and lives in marriage is more important.

Styles of Wedding Ring Sets

Malay styles:

Traditionally, the only decorative ring that mattered was the bride’s engagement ring, which would be chosen to match her tastes, lifestyle, and personality. As women’s wedding rings have begun to be more elaborate, men’s rings have also changed styles, drifting away from the simple gold band that easily coordinates with whatever rings the bride-to-be chooses. Today, there are many style variations for ring sets, and couples can choose from many different characteristics to create their perfect ringsMany couples choose sets that symbolize the closeness of their relationship


Chinese styles:

As the ritual of exchange of wedding rings is prominent in China, the Chinese wedding rings are also very popular. The land of the mystical dragons and ancient culture blooms with unique styles and designs of wedding rings. In Chinese weddings, the style and the class of the wedding rings play an important role. In fact the jewelers constantly keep on updating the materials and designs of the Chinese wedding rings.

Coming onto the aspect of the materials used in the Chinese wedding rings, there are basically 4 types of material used. These are diamonds, platinum, yellow gold and white gold.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are a very popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are prominently made up of two types. The first one is a solitaire Chinese wedding ring and the second one is the diamonds Chinese wedding rings. Well, the solitaire Chinese wedding rings consist of a single diamond on the whole of the ring. This diamond is placed on a band which can be made up of any material like platinum, yellow gold or white gold. Moreover one can choose a colored solitaire to make the ring look even more beautiful and charismatic.

The other types of diamond Chinese rings are the ones on which more than one diamond is placed. These rings can have numerous small sized diamonds or three big size diamonds, and various other diamond combinations.

Diamond Ring

Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Chinese wedding rings are a symbol of class and society. There are several types and styles of platinum Chinese rings. Some of these rings include the sacred symbols of the Chinese cultures. On the other hand, some rings contain some famous and holy quotation, while the other rings have the dragons engraved on them.

If one prefers to have a simple platinum band for a Chinese wedding, he can also buy a plain platinum wedding band to represent the beauty in simplicity. Some Chinese platinum wedding rings can also have the inscribed names of both the partners.

Platinum Ring

Platinum Ring

Platinum Ring

Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

Yellow gold wedding rings are the most common types of Chinese wedding rings. These rings are available in different karats according to the gold content used in the making of them. On an average, a Chinese wedding yellow gold ring is made up of 14K gold. This implies that the ring has 58.3 % gold along with 41.7 % of other metals. Another common category of golf Chinese wedding rings is the 18K gold ring wherein the gold content is 75%.

Yellow Gold Ring

Yellow Gold Ring

Yellow Gold Ring

White Gold Wedding Rings

Well, many people confuse white gold wedding rings with platinum wedding rings. However, white gold wedding rings are yet another popular choice as Chinese wedding rings. These rings are made up of a metal called palladium which is responsible for the white color of the ring.


White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

White Gold Ring

Indian styles:

India wedding jewelry consists of sets of in gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious metals and stones. These jewelry sets consists of earrings, chokers and bangles.  It is customary for the bride’s family to gift these jewelry sets to their soon to be married daughter.

Among India wedding jewelry, rings are a traditional symbol of matrimony and are worn by both men and women.  A married woman in India of the Hindu origin must wear the mangal sutra or a thaali around her neck.  The mangal sutra also worn around the neck consists of a necklace of black beads strung on a gold chain with a pendant at the end, which is either a symbol of OM or the gods.

Why married Indian woman wear toe ring?

Toe ring is symbolic of commitment, love in Hindu weddings.

The toe ring is symbolic for a Hindu married couple, and is always made of silver, which is said to contribute to a healthy pregnancy when the wife conceives. It is also a sign of respect to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi that gold rings are never worn on the toes. The silver toe ring is always placed on the toe next to the big toe, and can be a simple, thin band or a wide, elaborately etched and braided toe ring.


The varieties of indian rings

Indian Ring
Indian Wedding Accessories

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