The Beautiful Wedding Invitations:

Malay wedding card:

In Malay wedding,before do the wedding ceremony,bride or groom must give invitation cards to relatives,guests,friends and other to inform about the ceremony.However,Malaysia have varieties of card that you can get in any variety of design,form,shape or different paper like the most popular paper is glossy paper.

Malay wedding card also have many variety of custom wedding card for example graphic wedding card,photograph wedding card,wedding card text design and wedding card with design.

Front Card

Back Card(Traditional Card)

Graphic Card

Ribbon card for wedding

The beautiful ribborn card for wedding

The famous card for malay wedding(photograph wedding card)

chinese wedding card:

Chinese Wedding Invitations specializes in unique, traditional and elegant Chinese wedding invitations that will suit your style as well as respect your parents’ wishes.

Choose from embossed, textured, matte red, orange red or gold invitations.  Inserts are available with different papers and can be embossed in gold, silver or red foil.

As in any wedding, the wedding invitations for a Chinese wedding are very important. They must be sent out in enough time so that everyone will be able to check their calendars and save the date.

As you create your perfect wedding you must think about the invitations. You will want to send them out once you know the date of the wedding banquet and the restaurant is reserved. Usually invitations will be part of the wedding package that some hotels give; they will give so many blank cards towards the number of guests you have coming.

However, many people will want to go a more traditional route to have red wedding invitations engraved with gold or silver.

All wedding invitations should be sent out within two or four weeks of the wedding. This means you will have to pick them well ahead of time and the rule of thumb is to start working on them at least 8 weeks before they need to be sent out.

When you get the invitations you will need to do the following:

  • Decide on what cards you want to use
  • Find a printer to print the invitation text
  • Decide what you want to say with the text
  • You will also want to make sure you proofread the invitations before the printer does the final printing.

What colors/colours to choose?
The traditional color/colour of the invitations is red because it is an auspicious event. Modern weddings that are influenced by western culture are using other colors/colours like magenta, purple, pink, crème or maroon.

Whether you have a traditional or modern Singapore Chinese wedding you must avoid black, blue and green because they are the colors/colours of mourning. Inside the card it is traditional to use gold or silver text because they symbolize prosperity and good fortune.

The best way to fold your cards
There is no best way to fold your cards but there are many traditional ways. You can give them a center/centre fold, a tri-fold or a double fold. This will depend on the invitations and your personal taste.

The invitation should have both Chinese and English writing on it. It is traditional to have Chinese writing on the right panel and English on the left panel. The information should be separated across the panels to stop confusion.

What information should be put on invitations?
All invitations should have the following information:

  • Dates for both the Gregorian and Chinese calendar
  • The birth order of the bride and groom along with their name and their parent’s names.
  • Information about food including the time of the dinner, time of the reception, RSVP information
  • The table number if you have it.

You will also want to give information about where the event will be held and the dress code if any. You should include any information that you think will be necessary for the guests to have a good time.


Classic card

Chinese wedding red card

Exclusive Chinese Wedding

Classic Card

Indian wedding card:

The reception is a formal thank you from the groom’s family to the bride’s family. It a purely social event with eating, drinking, and dancing.

Indian Card

This red colored wedding card says nothing but still reveals all secrets of the Hindu tradition. Face mantled with two-way opening with the work of glittering provides shining path to the valued guests. A gleaming Wooly paper inside ties two plain sheets of the invitation card. The envelope, card and the pain sheets, all are decorated with the same pattern of designs. Thus, leaving no words unsaid to shower a warm welcome over the visitors.

Indian Card


Malay Marriage:

In malay wedding have many differents of door gift from bride to guests from the expensive to the normal price.Examples of door gift from malay community which are:

Chinese marriage

Indian marriage:

Every guests was each given a ball of laddu or (laddoo) wrapped nicely as a door gift which is the same like bunga telur in Malay wedding.


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